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Monday, October 13, 2008

Little Moments

My MIL, Rhonda, as most of you know has been fighting breast cancer for many years. Going on 8 actually. I've decided to make her a scrapbook for Christmas of all the things that she has gotten to do/see/experience since she's been doing treatment. Something that will remind her of all the good that has come out of all her miserable days. Quality of life has always been so important to her...and lately, she has had more bad days than good. I'm selfish and I'm not ready for her to give up yet, so I think if I make this for her, when she is having a bad day she will get it out and look at it and decide that she should keep fighting. I know I'm late in getting started so I am going to do as many pages as I can and then give it to her, and as I finish more pages I will just add them to it. I'm trying to come up with something crafty for the first page, a title page so to speak. Something about life, and the things she has gotten out of the last 8 years. (any ideas for that page would be greatly appreciated!) I'm not only going to put in the good stuff, she lost her father a few years back and that will be in there too. It's only fair to have it all in there, I mean life isn't always a bowl of cherries, right? I'm so excited to do this there have been so many great things to note....Aunt Sandie has walked in the 3 day the last two years, some friends and I walked in the Susan G Komen 5k walk this year. Rhonda is our inspiration! She is amazing.....and to quote Sandie, "We walk because we can!"

One of the crafty signs we made for the 3day!

My team!
A few weeks ago, we took this picture while Rhonda stopped by to visit for a few minutes. I hope we have a lot more moments like these.

More than half of the time I have known Rhonda she has been doing treatment of some kind. Crazy, huh? When I first met Colby she was doing treatment. And then right after I had Cadynce she started treatment again and did so for a few years. Then she had about 3 short months where we thought she had bought some time. She's been doing chemotherapy again since Camden was born among other awful surgeries due to complications of a failing body. I am so thankful that she keeps on fighting...

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