Knudson Family Drama.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


As of last Thursday I am batching it (do girls batch it?) until the 25th or 26th, whenever the boys decide to come home from hunting. My cousin got married on Friday night; Kira and Lex came down and spent a few nights, helped me out with the kids and were my dates to the wedding. Left the babies at home with a friend. Thank God for friends! Anyhoo, it was a great wedding. Lovely lovely lady that our cousin Jeremy married. Never met her before, but Kira and I both knew right away she was great.
This is Jeremy and Jessica with Grandma. Okay, get on with it right?! Kira and I both had such a great time and really enjoyed seeing all the family. It has been so long since we have seen most of them. Years. Most of them not since my wedding (5 years ago). It was funny because we would turn to each other and say, "okay, are you ready? i'm ready." Then before we knew it - it had been another 45 minutes. We couldn't pull ourselves away, we just didn't want it to end. Didn't want it to be another 5 years before we saw some of them again. For Jeremy it had been so long since he had seen Grandma and I felt bad for him, she has gotten so old recently. She is going to be 94 ( i think). We visited a lot and laughed even more...eventually I decided that I was going to do a family reunion. The response was great. Everyone was so excited and volunteered to help in any way they could. We thought next summer would be good...I changed my mind. Grandma's birthday is in January and then no one has an excuse not to come. :) ha! So, I'm planning a family reunion/birthday party! I'm so excited! I know it will be a lot of work, but if I don't do it who will? I don't want to wait for another wedding or funeral to see everyone. Although I wont say it and no one else will either, we all know it probably wont be a wedding...

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