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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Is it Just My Kids?

Recently, Camden has been started on solids. Ahhh, it's so lovely, the thought of no more bottles! Isn't it funny how we wish for silly things like that, and then before we know it they are three and driving us crazy and we wish that they were small and dependent on us for a bottle?

Sorry I got a little off track -- anyhoo, Camden loves food. Suprise suprise. Cadynce did too. I will never forget one weekend Kira was watching Cadynce and she pointed out something that I had never picked up on. We get home and she asks if Caca has always put her thumb in her mouth after every bite (she is a thumbsucker) and after thinking about it, I answer yes, I just never really paid any attention to it. She cracked up thinking it was so cute, like she was pushing the food further into her mouth. I think it was for fear she might starve to death. HAHA!

Okay so here she has 2 fingers in her mouth, but you get the point right? I have always wondered if my second one would suck his thumb and yada yada, wondering how kids pick up the certain habits that they do. Low and behold, he does the same thing when he's eating. Cadynce is three, so it's not like she taught him how to do it. So where'd he learn it? Do all kids do that?

You get the jist with these pictures, it's just so funny to me.

I've been trying to write down things like these in their baby books. I'm not sure if they will find it as cute or humorous as I do, but atleast that way they have the option to.
p.s. what color do you think Cam's eyes will be?

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