Knudson Family Drama.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

mr. cam-man

Camden is turning into the most amazing little man. He's really starting to talk, he's caring, loving and just a sweet boy (most of the time). When I leave for work, or to go anywhere really, he walks me to the door and his last thing to say is, "I love you mom." He has this deep little boy voice and it just melts my heart.

These are from my cell phone, so sorry about the quality of the pictures, but, this day, Camden was hammering away on those pegs. He'd stop every couple seconds and say, "I can't help you mom." After a lot of questions and me trying to help him about a million times and him getting mad at me, I realized, he was trying to say, he didn't need help. He could do it.

Eating sammiches at the table, he turned around. Colby and I couldn't figure out why, until...

We walked around to see he was pulling his sammich apart and didn't want us to see it. How cute is that?!

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