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Monday, March 14, 2011

Jan. Feb. Highlights

  • My birthday month! We enjoyed family dinner at The Stanwood Grill! And I got some really great birthday presents. (At this moment I'm thinking about how this is my last year in my twenties. Yikes!)
  • Cadynce was student of the month and she had a whole entourage there to see her.
  • Ha, uh, my car broke down. Or blew up rather. Had to get a new engine put in that puppy.
...I feel like there should be more, but I got nothing. I think we really spent a lot of January just trying to get our feet back underneath us...

  • We went to Lo-Lopez! I'll post an entry with some of my favorite pictures.
  • I got my car back, to the tune of $3800, bye bye tax return.
  • Cousin Kayci turned 21, so we got to have a fun night out at the casino. Have I mentioned that I can't stand cigarette smoke. Kayci, so funny, says, "So, is this all people do, is sit in a bar and drink?"
  • Baseball Preparations begin.
  • Valentine's day. <3
  • We came home from Lopez with a sick Cadynce, which led to a sick Camden . . . (all leading up to barf fest 2011)
Some kid highlights:
Cadynce is learning so much these days. She has jumped from knowing a lot of numbers and words, to knowing what feels like them all. She can rote count up past 100, is through her complete set of sight words and is on to a second list, knows greater than and smaller than for numbers 1 - 10 and can identify and write her numbers up through 31. We're still struggling with rights and wrongs since she's been in school and how to stay true to yourself, but I think these are things we're going to struggle with until she's fully aware of who she really is and what she stands for. How do you help your children know it's OK to be who they are and not someone else?

Camden is speaking in big long sentences now! Everyday more and more words are there. He is so caring and compassionate as well. The other day, Colby and I were having a "discussion" (OK, it was a loud discussion) over T-ball for Cadynce, and when Colby walked out Camden came running in and said to me, "Mommy, I need to hold you." "Are you okay mommy, whatsa matto mommy" *sighs* He is such a sweet little boy. I could tell you cute sayings and stories for hours about him; he is just in such a fun stage right now.

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