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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Barf Fest 2011

First off, let me start by saying I feel like it's been forever since I've posted...but really, it's only been a little over a week. I think the problem is that I was working so hard to get you caught up on 2010, that I really haven't been able to blog about 2011. I have a little piece of paper next to the computer that I've been jotting things down on that I want to share with you, eventually I'll get there. Right?

Okay, so, barf fest 2011.
Last week, I took off on Wednesday afternoon to go to Spokane to watch the state B basketball tourney, Alexa was playing. I got to stay with Lanette and Blair, and it was a lot of fun, and a much needed break from life. Colby really had to shuffle the kids a lot because it was the first "real" week of baseball and I am so thankful for his dad. We had some late nights in Spokane, but I came home (to Lanette's) fairly early on Friday night so I could get up and get going early Saturday morning so I could take the little girl to a tea party birthday party.
I got on the road headed home a little before 7 am... ugh, so early...but I did it. Ten minutes into my drive, I get a text from Colby. "dad just called, cam has been puking all night." FML. I hate barf. Like, really really really really hate barf. More than anything. If my kid barfed in a a store and I could get away with running away and leaving them there, I would. Yep, I definitely win the worst mother of the year award when it comes to kids and barf. Nope, anyone and barf, not just kids. Even myself. I'll do anything possible not to barf.
By the time I got home, Colby had picked up Cam and they had been hanging out. Cam had kept down a banana and some Gatorade...we were thinking maybe he just ate too much at Papa's house. Good thought. Cadynce and I made it through the tea party birthday with me asking her probably every five minutes, are you OK? does your tummy hurt?
Things were going good, we were thinking we're in the clear. Then Tuesday night Colby is staying at Grandpa's house... yeah, not so much.... he calls home at midnight, "I'm sick." FML. Again!! Wednesday morning I get up and get the kids to daycare and I go to work feeling shaky, because even the thought of barf makes me shaky. Yeah, at about 3:30 we got the phone call - Cadynce was now sick too. I made Colby go get them from daycare. Ha!
Cadynce stayed holed up in her room on some blankets with a puke bucket (she only had to use it twice after she got home) and Colby was in and out since he'd already had it. We're 4 days later and I still havn't gotten it. KNOCK ON WOOD! Fingers crossed, pray, whatever you do....I'm not gonna get it! Kids are so resilient though its amazing - she got up Friday morning and walked out of her room saying, "I'm going to school today." So she did. Wow. Daycare was closed Thursday because poor Tina got it, and some friends of ours whole family practically got it.. such a nasty bug wiping out families like that!
Funny side note:
I went in to put Cadynce's hair up better so she didn't get puke on it.
First thing she says, "Oh mom, I threw up twice in my bucked and dad poured it in the toilet and washed it out for me."
Me, "ewww, Cadynce, Mommy  does NOT like throw up."
Cadynce, "Mom, everybody does it, it's OK."
Me, " not so much."

I'm pretty sure there was another funny thing to share, but right now I can't remember it, when I do, I'll be sure to add it because I'm sure you all love hearing about barf. :) Ha!

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