Knudson Family Drama.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Is it ever going to end?

Our life has been in super crazy mode lately. After Camden was in the hospital, Colby's grandma went in. I went to Lopez for a day and a half, his grandma came home. The family has been taking turns taking care of her. Ali fell down the stairs and broke her right leg and left foot...I could go on.

Kira thinks that all the bad stuff is going to happen in a few short months and then things will turn around and we are going to have a stellar couple of years. Man, I hope she's right. We are exhausted, mentally, physically....

Also, my daughter still has an attitude and a half.


mrs. jcd said...

Look at Colby in the background of that picture...priceless!

Tisha said...

i know huh!? Typical man!