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Friday, October 14, 2011

Yikes, it's the middle of October!

And my last post was in June. June 24th, the last day of school I believe, and the day before my baby girl's 6th birthday. Wow!
Rest assured, we are still alive and kicking.. I'm just majorly slacking in the blog department.

We had a busy summer filled with camping, a trip to the ocean, camping, eating s'mores, camping and lots of fun. Cadynce has been back to school for over a month now and she is really enjoying first grade. I think a lot of it has to do with her teacher. Cadynce started cheer leading in September also - competitive cheer at that. Another excited chapter for us, and a big first for this family. Pike jump what? Before you ask, no, Camden still isn't potty trained. He's a tough cookie to break. He is talking up a storm and his sense of humor is starting to come out! Both kids must have hit some sort of growth spurt and it's making me wish I would have started a wall with their measurements. Guess it's not too late to start now right? We're painting the inside of our house. (oh, by we I mean I pick out the paint colors and Colby paints) Slowly, we're trying to fix up this place... not sure if the moving to a dream house will ever happen so we gotta make the best of what we got, right?

Nap time is over. I'll do my best to write again soon. Post some pictures even.

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