Knudson Family Drama.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cadynce's Birthday Festivities

This year we celebrated both Caca's birthday and Great Grandpa Ben's. Cadynce was happy to share her party & so was grandpa. I love these pictures from them blowing out their candles... the look on Gramps face as we were all singing and how he watched Cadynce blow out her candles... just melts my heart.


And these lovely cupcakes (why yes, I made them, thank you for asking) were dessert along with some frilly pink ones for Cadynce's "friend" party. We had an outdoor movie/pajama night at Napa. Complete with movie ticket invitations, popcorn, ice cream, candy and popcorn container party favors. We watched Tangled, when it finally got dark!

This was our activity station and saving grace when it didn't get dark as soon as we thought it would! This was a lot of fun & pretty easy all in all, hopefully we can celebrate like this again sometime.

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