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Friday, February 13, 2009

busy busy.

It seems like we are so busy these days. Which is weird, because not a whole lot has changed, I'm still working only 3 days a week...yet I feel like there is less time. Maybe it's because Camden is so mobile now that I'm constantly watching/checking on him because he isn't quite trustworthy. haha. At least with the weather halfway decent Cadynce has been able to go outside and play for a while.....hallelujah!! We need her to be able to play outdoors. She is just that kind of kid, needs to run and play with the dog and burn off energy......and get dirty. I'm sure before too much longer her brother will be right there with her and I'll be regretting wishing he was. I keep seeing the rain free days and wish I could get out there and start working in the yard, but it's still too cold to keep Cam out there for too long in the stroller. Besides he just got over a nasty nasty cold, and an ear infection. Something we definitely do not need to do over again.
Last weekend I got to hit up the Children's Place Outlet, one of my favorite kids clothes stores, and got some really really good deals. Fleece pants and sweatshirts for both kids for next winter for only $3.99 and $4.99 each piece! Also, got some shorts for Cadynce for .97 cents each at Old Navy, yes shorts for not even $1 dollar a pair! Why is it a pair of shorts or pants anyhow? Next on the to-get list are some things for the house. We recently painted the kids bathroom and now it needs a shower curtain, rug, new towel holder and t.p. holder and trim. Hopefully I'll find some screaming deals on those too.
Nothing much else to say, oh we did have some more snow Monday and Tuesday - weird huh? I'm ready for the sunshine!!!

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