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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lopez Aug 2008

Caca and Colby on the ferry ride home.

grandpa Jan, caca and Ingrid

It took us all summer to get to was interesting to say the least. I headed out on Friday morning with the Durango packed completly full (I forgot how much stuff you had to bring for one baby- let alone one baby and one 3yo.) Tha plan was that Colby would come up Saturday afternoon after work...Saturday morning I got the call that he was sick. He claims to have food poisoning, I thought for sure it was the brown bottle flu as a friend had been visiting for the weekend and was going to house/dog sit for us the rest of the time we were gone. Fine, whatever, don't come... I was pissed. Thank heavens he worked his stuff out and made it up Saturday night, I was getting pretty cranky at the thought of being there until Monday with the two kids stuck in a 2 bedroom house with my dad and his girlfriend. The room we stayed in has a full size bed, that I had shared with Cadynce and the baby in a playpen right next to us. She was up a lot of the night, "momma, are you sleeping?" You can only ignore a little whisper for so long. "yes, I am sleeping." " then why are you talking to me?" Dang it, forgot she is getting smart. Anyhow, Colby made it up so he shared the bed with ms. social butterfly and i got the couch, playpen in the living room.
I had forgotten how much I love the island, it's beautiful, and the convenience of a beach right there is so awesome. Cadynce and I walked twice a day everyday we were you can see from the pictures a nasty storm Friday night had washed in those monstrous jelly fish. Holy moly they were HUGE! We saw "amemomees" and lots of other good stuff. It was great to visit with great grandma (my dad's mom) as well, she's the best. Although I am coming to realize that she is getting old and probably not going to live forever (we'll get into that another time though.) We went to the farmer's market and Caca got to have her face painted for the first time. She and Ava (cousin) got matching unicorns and we ate the most delicious home made crepes!
Now that the baby is hungry I'll be cutting this short. Just wanted to share my pictures with you all! Hope you enjoy.
p.s. all in all it was a good weekend, but man was I glad to be home.
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