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Friday, December 3, 2010

christmas frenzy

we decided that we would try and do better this year, spread out our Christmas shopping, start a little sooner, buy a little less for everyone. yeah, that worked well... we're now in the countdown to Christmas and in a frenzy!
here we are in the midst of crazy Christmas-ness thoroughly enjoying our insanity; there is a certain kind of bliss that comes with searching every store to find the perfect gifts for the people you love. i even went shopping on black Friday! (aaah, crazy i know, right?) anyhow, here we are, mid Christmas bliss -- and we are rudely snapped back into reality, a reality that we don't like, and thought, maybe just maybe we were through with... done, fini, over. fat chance.
the day before thanksgiving, grandpa Ben(mike's dad) had surgery to remove a mass that was pushing on his bladder causing a lot of problems....Wednesday was their follow up appointment with the doctor. the results were bad. do i have to even say it? i guess ... saying it makes it real, and it is so here goes: he has cancer. a very aggressive cancer. the doctor feels he's not strong enough to survive a surgery, not to mention all the complications that go along with surgery for grandpa like he'd have to go off his blood thinners which puts him back up in stroke territory, and yet, the doctor also feels he's probably not strong enough to do chemo...

so here we are once again, thrown back into this -- it's looming there over us, like a big black storm cloud...

what happened to my Christmas bliss?

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