Knudson Family Drama.

Monday, August 16, 2010


We (as in me and Colby) started p90x, an intense home workout. We are on day 7. Rest day! YEAH! It's tough, but so far we are really liking it. The bad part, the before photos. Ick. So, we won't dwell on those. We've been realllly sore, in a good way. It's nice because everyday the routine changes up.

Also, it's been some kind of heat wave around here, super duper hot. The kids are miserable by about 4 in the afternoon, if we don't have them in a pool or something. Today we are going to go to the river...gotta beat the heat somehow!

Yesterday was the kids' cousin Ryley's 3rd birthday party, it was at Grandma Cleone's. It worked out really well, Ryley's momma brought water balloons and we brought our slipnslide and a little the kiddos just hung out in there for hours.

Time to go close up the house before it starts getting too hot again...stay cool folks!

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