Knudson Family Drama.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Life Goes On

During these crazy last few months our lives have literally been turned upside down, in and out, and sideways too. Somehow, we have managed to stick together as a large family and pull through. We made it through Halloween and Thanksgiving, our first two Holidays without Rhonda. I attended a 2 year olds birthday party that made me cry because I can't help but know that she'll never be there for any more of my kids birthdays. This sucks.
Guess what? Life goes on. While people are dying around us and there is turmoil everywhere I look, our life goes on. My kids keep growing and changing, and there is always laundry and dishes to be done and a house to keep clean.
Our friends welcomed a baby boy early this morning into the world; Braddock Scott Johnson! See, life goes on. At least there are lots of babies for me to snuggle with so I can forget my woes...

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